How to Legally Relocate to Canada Within 3 Months without wasting Money on any Travel Agent or Writing IELTS academic exams.....

This easy pathway works either you are 18 or 50

September 25, 2020


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Who qualifies to attend?

  • Are you between Age 18 to 50 years
  • Has No IELTS score card Or even Low IELTS Test Result
  • Possess SSCE, KSCE, Grade 12 or The highest secondary school certificate in your country

At the end of the live training, you’ll

  • See how to become eligible for Canadian permanent residence and eventually Canadian citizen within 3 years
  • You’ll see how to fast rack your relocation legally to Canada in 2020 without writing IELTS
  • You’ll learn how to successfully relocate your family to Canada legally
  • You’ll know how to get your work permit and open work permit for your spouse
  • Learn why you don’t need to rely on any travel agent who prey on your ignorance and fear of visa denial which is just baseless.

You're Only One DECISION Away From Successfully Relocating to Canada in 2020

MUST READ: Very Important

  • I’ll be answering Live Questions by anyone who joined the live video class
  • You’ll get my Whatsapp number to ask further travel personal questions
  • The class won’t go beyond 30 minutes so you should have like 100megabyte data on your device (Laptop/Phone/Tab) to enjoy it to the end.
  • I have an unannounced gift for anyone who attends till the end


Oh, that’s the end. You can’t see the video again.

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Our webinars only available to people who register. We need to keep tabs on the number of people to expect because webinar room is Limited so we can’t accommodate all.

Ensure you click on your unique access link in the next page, then wait for the few minutes left and quickly click on the link when we start so as not to miss out any part.


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